Events to Keep Patrons Coming Back

Special events at restaurants and pubs are nothing new and are actually expected.  However, normal events can get boring when customers know what events will happen on which days.

A special event can occur whenever a restaurant introduces a new exotic dish or a new cultivar of red wine.  Specialty events can be created around these special happenings.  Other special occasions can be the birthday of the chef, or the opening date of the establishment, and many more.

But although it is special already, it can get to be quite ordinary if done in the same way every year.

Ways to Spruce Up Specialty Events

For the next celebration of the opening date of the establishment, also celebrate the decade it was opened in.  If in the 80s, encourage guests to dress up in the style of that decade and prepare dishes from that era.

Discos were the music of the time, provide the disco ball and accompanying music to set the atmosphere.  Decade nights can be held whenever something special triggers a memory of a certain year.

A special type of wine tasting for a new wine can bring a lot of wine lovers to a restaurant.  Combine the wine tasting with a wine pairing.  Giving notes on how to plan a menu to compliment a special wine, or how to choose the right wine for each dish on a menu.

A ladies’ night or men’s night and even a single’s night with special drinks, or dishes, can bring a lot of interest.  The special guests of the evening can expect special treatment, a free drink or dessert, and an atmosphere created for them.

Inviting a guest chef over to compete with the restaurants’ chef will be interesting for customers of both chefs’ establishments.  Competing against each other preparing the other’s signature dish might be fun for all.

These are only a few of the ideas to make specialty events special.