British Pub Culture

It is fun to go to pubs.  Pubs are places where people go to have a drink and relax.  But that is not all a pub is.  Pubs are also places where people go to meet friends and to socialise and this is the focus of many communities in villages, towns, and cities.

The history of pubs can be traced as far back as Roman taverns and Anglo-Saxon alehouses.  But it was first in the early 19th century that pubs, like the ones known today, started to appear.  Pubs are considered a very important aspect of British culture.  Pubs evolved over the years to what is considered now as meeting places for friends and family.

What to Expect when Visiting a Pub

When visiting a British pub, you can expect a lot of atmosphere and fun.  Pubs are vibrant and filled with life.  Friends and family often visit pubs as a weekly or even daily occurrence.  It is the place where everyone relaxes after a hard day of work.

Most pubs will feature several television sets where sport like football and cricket will always be showing. During big matches and tournaments, pubs are filled with fans dressed in their team colours. During such sporting events, patrons may break into song, scream at the television, and just generally be loud.

The best things that pubs have to offer are the food and drinks. Expect to find everything from traditional British pub food like fish and chips to American favourites like burgers and even nachos. The drinks menu usually offers everything from ales to craft beer and wine and everything in-between.

When visiting a pub, expect to be surrounded by excitement, positivity, and friendly people. During sporting events, be prepared for loud and rowdy patrons.  Basically, expect to enjoy great food, great company, and a great time. You may even walk away with a few new friends.