Special Events and Their Menus

All special food events need a special menu.  The type of event will have a direct influence on the type of food that is served.  The event might determine which food will be suitable, or the menu may be the guide to what type of event will be planned to show off the food.

Starting with the Event

To have an event that will need a menu with suitable food to be served might be the most common way to start planning.  Depending on the event, determine the kind of dishes that goes on the menu.

A birthday party will serve other types of food than a cocktail party or work event.  The age of guests can also make a difference in the food to serve.

Firstly, know the guest list.  Whether the menu caters to adults, children, students, or business people will also influence the menu.  Knowing the guest’s preferences, food allergies, and expectations can go a long way when planning the menu.  Special needs should be taken into consideration to make sure there is food for everyone.

The venue where the event is going to take place will also guide the menu-planner to which foods can be catered there.  A well-equipped kitchen versus a camp kitchen can make a big difference in what can be achieved when preparing food.

Select food that will suit the event.  If possible, use local produce to keep costs lower, and make sure to cater to everyone that is going to be present.

Planning an Event around Food

A chef’s special new dish or a brand-new wine might need a special occasion to be tasted and introduced to the world.

Planning an event around a special dish or food product has its own difficulties.  The dishes may be known, but a suitable venue should be found.

Interested parties should be invited, and knowing the guests and their preferences will still be one of the important things to know.  Serving a special dish to somebody that is allergic to one of the ingredients will not do.