Pubs are popular establishments all over the world.  Certain nights might be busier than others, usually Friday and Saturday nights.  Earlier in the week can prove to be slower with much less customers.  Those slow days can become as busy as during weekends with the right type of events.

There are tried-and-tested events that will be a good starting point.  However, doing a bit of research might bring about some new, interesting, and fun ideas.

Tried-and-Tested Pub Events

Celebrating special occasions with special food and entertainment can draw big crowds.  Valentine’s Day could be celebrated with romantic music, red roses, only candles, and lovely dishes.  Other special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Sunday, Halloween, and more, can all be made a special event.

Quiz Nights can be held during the slower weekdays and will draw many customers.  Different groups will enter for different quizzes.  If the quizmaster is good and the questions great, this will always bring customers with a competitive spirit to compete.

Live Music is always a winner.  This can come in genre nights to provide a variety.  For instance, Rock n Roll nights, jazz nights, or heavy metal, any type of music can draw crowds in that particular genre.  A battle of DJs or bands can also be crowd-pleasers.

A games night can be a regular mid-week event.  Choose a night on which board games, table tennis, party games, dartboard matches, and more, can be held.  Find out what customers would prefer.

Casino nights with poker and bingo and other casino games are excellent events for a pub.  It does not need to be real gambling, but use fake money and dress-up games to make it more fun.

These are only a few excellent events for pubs to draw customers.  Having family-friendly events, special birthday celebrations, cooking classes, and much more can also provide fun for the whole family.