Pubs and Restaurants in Hampshire

Hampshire has a variety of pubs and restaurants to visit, each establishment with its own character, food, and drinks on offer.

Pubs and Restaurants

Is there a difference between a pub and a restaurant?  Both sell alcoholic beverages and both might sell food.  The difference comes with the original intent each establishment was started for.  Pub is short for “Public House”, a place where customers can order drinks and a light meal.

A restaurant is a place built and specifically planned to prepare and sell food and beverages to customers.  Customers are seated at a table and food and drinks are ordered from a menu.  A restaurant mostly serves a bigger, more specialised range of food and beverages.

Where a pub is a public house, a restaurant is not.

Menus and Drinks

Menus and drinks can be different for each restaurant.  The menu will depend on the restaurant’s specialties.  A pub’s menu will contain mostly light meals.

Wine Lists

Wine lists will be mostly used in a restaurant.  A pub might serve wine, but mostly it concentrates on beer, drafts, ciders, and other alcoholic drinks.  A restaurant would have a whole range of wines to suit each meal.

Pub Events

Pub events can include a variety of entertainment offered to their customers.  It could range from live bands, karaoke nights, talent nights, and much more.


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