A Pub

A pub, where the word pub is short for public house, is an establishment that is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.  The alcoholic drinks are served for consumption on the premises.  In the late 17th century, the term “Public House” appeared to differentiate between private houses and houses open to the public.

These houses open to the public included “alehouses”, “taverns”, and also “inns”.  Some of these establishments ceased to exist under these names, but pubs continued to serve the public.  A few changes emerge through the years and now also include the serving of light meals.

The four characteristics of a pub

It is open to the public without needing a membership.

It serves alcoholic drinks without requiring patrons to consume food.

Has an indoor area where meals are not served.

Meals can be bought at a bar and not only while seated at a table.

A Restaurant

Public Eating Establishments are mentioned as early as 512 BC in records from Ancient Egypt. This establishment served one dish made up of cereal, onions, and wild fowl.  Forerunners for today’s restaurants were also found in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome where ready-to-eat food and drinks were offered at an establishment.

Today, a restaurant or eatery is a business that prepares food and drinks to serve to customers.  Mostly these prepared meals are eaten at the premises, but restaurants also offer food delivery services or take-out, where customers order and collect their food.  Restaurants come in a great variety of appearances and in what food and drink are on offer.